The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Gracias por visitarnos!

Walking in a world which demolishes its ancient tribes without any sense of modesty for what to the many people seem to matter and worries: the historic bequest of humanity through its architectonical relics, artisanal, cultural, culinary and so on, for this first moment, we start with the incredible mesoamerican culture and its products, in particular, craftwork coming from the south part of Mexico from states like Puebla, Tlaxcala, Estado de Mexico y Yucatan.

We say that our walk in this planet, since the personal and collective point of view, has been shaped on the horizon of infinite galaxies one after another, which in their tireless existence, always seem to be  quiet, although they are moving in gigantic velocities in every single second; that is the way we  have seen and learned to appreciate the moment, the present, the complex reality we lived in, having seen the diversity and greatness that has our planet in multiple facets, especially the  deep cultural roots which support the life  in any place of the earth or time. The sensation of lack of past in our present, that exists inside of ourselves and, the constant annihilation caused by a gigantic modernization that demolishes all, even the languages, the ancient ones and the newest, the used of structured languages that differentiate us from other animal species. Iskra from Mexico to the other side of the world trough Russia, rediscovering the connection with the motherland, rescuing and sharing in any latitude possible those ancient meanings that their own people still practice and produce unaccountable symbolisms, in the form of sewing a dress, in the way of  cooking  a recipe,  carving an ancient deity or speak a language. Those amazing cosmogonies will reflect the work of their hearts and hands, a legacy which still causes us amazed captivity if we go deeply to study their history, our past of human history.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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